Everybody's talking about Jamie

2018 Theatre trip.jpg With huge thanks to generous donations and the Jack Petchey education grant we were able to take a group of Gap members to see the amazing musical: Everybody's talking about Jamie at the Apollo Theatre London.

The original TV documentary was aired in 2011, so none of the young people attending had seen it and they were not aware of the back ground story.

The show covers the fact that the Head of Year 11 would not allow Jamie to attend Prom in a dress and in the end all of his class mates refused to go until he was allowed. This element of the story created a lively discussion on the way home from the show around gender stereotypes and all of our young people said they would have done the same to support a friend.

“It was amazing – the best thing I’ve ever seen!”

“It was really nice to go out as a group and get to try new things”

“It was an informative experience as well as being a lot of fun”

“It was great trip out and a great experience to see other lgbt related things outside of Gap”.

“It was a brilliant experience and we should go to see some more theatre shows”