Gap Grant Award!

Website pic.jpgWe are very proud to announce that The Gap youth club has won a grant award at this years' Wandsworth Young Person on the Year Award ceremony!

We invited along two Gap members - both recent Jack Petchey Award winners, to receive the grant award on behalf of their youth club! 

These are some of the Gap members' comments nominating the group:

  • It provides young lgbt people with a safe space where they can express themselves freely without fearing they might experience discrimination
  •  Because without The Gap I would never have learned how to accept my sexuality and how to embrace and support others who go through struggles based on their gender identity and sexual identity. As well as finding help for mental health problems.
  • It is a place where anyone who is a little different is able to be open and honest about who they are without being afraid of what others think or will say.
  • It was the one place where I didn't feel weird
  • Gap gives everyone an opportunity to learn and communicate with other people who have experienced the same things.