LGBT Health Survey


We have been asked by the National LGB&T Partnership to take part in this important survey - to find out what LGBT people want from Health & Social Care Services.

The National LGB&T Partnership are conducting this survey so they can put together a document that will be used to influence policy makers, and that can be referred to by health and social care providers to help them to improve their services. The overall aim is to inform policy makers and health care staff about the needs and wants of LGBT* people.

* The National LGBT Partnership is an England-wide group of LGB&T voluntary and community organisations who are committed to reducing the health inequalities of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities and to challenging homophobia, biphobia and transphobia within public services.

You may not refer to yourself as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans, but if you feel that your experiences are affected by homophobia, biphobia and/or transphobia, or by heteronormativity and/or cisnormativity, then we would like to hear your views in this survey.

'Health and social care services' refers to all healthcare services, in both the public and private sector. Examples might include: your GP, A&E, hospitals, clinics, health visitors, mental health services, and at-home care or care homes.

Please take a few moments to complete the survey - Click Here

If you don't have your say - things will stay the same way!