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What do our volunteers say about their roles with us?

The GAP allows me to volunteer near home, making a difference and direct impact to my local community. This youth club creates a safe space for young GLBT people that did not exist when I was young. I am proud to be part of it.


I volunteer at Gap because I believe it is still so important for the members to have a space to be themselves, explore their sexuality and gender without fear of judgement. It is great to see how well the group gets along, how supportive they are of each other and the benefits to them of having a safe space and the support. It is just an enjoyable couple of hours on a Friday which I find really rewarding.


Volunteering at the GAP is a unique experience. It is an opportunity to work with young people who have all experienced struggles of identity, inclusion and equality and have found a sense of belonging, security and friendship at the GAP. It is telling that despite growing up in a society which is becoming increasingly more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community, high numbers of young people continue to spill into the GAP every Friday night. Volunteering at the Gap never feels like volunteering, rather it is in a sense returning to a community within a community and being greeted with smiles, warmth and energy.

Siobhan, GAP’s Emotional Well-being Advisor

For me, the Gap provides a space for young people which offers an open, relaxed, and, perhaps most importantly, safe environment for them to socialise and discover their identity in the midst of their adolescence. it's an honour to be a part of that, to help provide and protect this space, but also to interact with the young people and, when they need or want it, be a positive role model and adult figure in their lives. it's also immense fun -  I wish I'd had such a space when I was young. 


I'm very happy that I volunteer at The Gap. As well as feeling like I'm doing something to directly support our community, I think The Gap is an invaluable service to the young people who attend. It's a really supportive group, with everyone looking out for each other’s needs.

I'm glad that I can help support a service that would have been so beneficial to me had it been available when I was a teenager. 

The future of our community is in the choices and lives of our youth. I'm really proud to be part of this group which enables people to explore themselves in a truly comfortable and supportive environment. 



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