Welcome to our online guide for parents of trans children

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We have created this guide with members of our monthly parent group in response to feedback that information can be overwhelming. Our guide is a basic introduction with links to more detailed information and further reading for those who feel ready.  

Additional information / further reading

Please be assured, whatever you are feeling right now is ok and there is plenty of support available to help you through this journey. 

Please do get in touch if you’d like to speak to our qualified parent worker for information, advice and guidance: 

Nicki Ryan 07884 425408 | Nicki@free2b-alliance.org.uk

With huge thanks to our Proud Parent group members who contributed their personal experiences to help develop this guide. And to our Rainbow Power youth council members for their input and Proud2be who kindly provided invaluable advice on the language and terminology.

Produced 2019

Please note, information accurate at the time of printing may change over time.

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