Gender expression resources


There is a range of equipment that has been developed to help trans individuals with their gender expressions.

They often have a hugely positive impact on the person’s emotional well-being as they help to change their body in line with their gender identity.


These are a bit like a sports bra or vest – designed to flatten the bust. They are used by trans men (people with a male gender identity who were assigned female at birth)   

Sometimes young people use bandages or other strapping if they can’t afford or can’t access proper binders which can unfortunately cause health issues such as breathing difficulties.

Click here for details of a FREE binder scheme


This is a prosthetic penis and it is used to fill out the crotch area in trousers.

They are used by trans men. Other items can be used to fill out the crotch area such as a pair of socks.


This is a device that allows trans men to use urinals and stand to pee – sometimes abbreviated to STP.

They are similar to the packers, but are hollow and have to be positioned carefully to enable peeing without accidents. It is advised to practice before using in public as it takes some getting used to.

Breast forms

These are used by trans women (people with a female gender identity who were assigned male at birth).

They are silicone breasts which can be placed in a bra cup or you can purchase bras with special pockets to hold the forms more securely.

They are also used by women who have undergone mastectomy surgery and may be advertised as such. Any soft filler item (such as socks, tissue, tights etc) can also be used to pad out a bra though it is less likely to create a good shape.



These may be worn by trans women – especially if they transition in later life and have a receding hair line, or they may be used temporarily whilst growing the natural hair to a longer length or into a new style.


These are used by trans women to flatten out the crotch area and provide some waist shaping.

Please be assured, whatever you are feeling right now is ok and there is plenty of support available to help you through this journey.  

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